Fluid samples are drawn at intervals throughout the test and at the end  of test and analyzed for products of oxidation. Metal catalysts are submerged in the fluid to evaluate a fluid’s tendencies to attack metals commonly found  inside a transmission, such as lead, copper, and  aluminum.

​ Mercon
® ATF with BRAND ONE Synthetic Universal ATF Protectant #21002 (added per directions).*
The Aluminum Beaker Oxidation Test (ABOT) is a small-scale  oxidation test for automatic transmission fluids. ABOT is a bench oxidation analysis of automatic transmission fluids, in which the fluid is oxidized. A  gear pump immersed in the beaker circulates and shears the test fluid. Mercon®, V & Mercon® SP have test limits in order to pass.

External heaters maintain a fluid temperature of 
155°C (311°F) and external air is pumped into the gear pump. 

​Aluminum Beaker Oxidation Test

ABOT (Aluminum Beaker Oxidation Test) 300 Hour

Part # 21002

• Eliminates stocking a wide variety of ATF’s 

• Prevents Overheating & Sludge 

​• Prevents & Instantly Stops Torque Converter Shudder   

• Reduces Acid Number & Wear 
• Protects Internal Metals (Copper, Aluminum) 
• Improves Oxidation Stability 
• Ensures Proper Shifts 
• Helps Free Stuck Valves  
• Extends Fluid Change Intervals 
• Conditions & Restores Component Life      
• Replenishes Key Friction Modifiers
• Protects Seals & O-Rings

Enhances DEXRON® III, MERCON® ATF’s into a highly stable fluid such as: 

Enhances DEXRON® III, MERCON®, ATF to perform like a highly friction modified ATF, such as: 
               Honda® Genuine ATF, 
               Toyota®  Type T/TII/TIV, 
               Mopar®  ATF + 3® (7176), 
               Mopar® ATF  +4® (9602),
               And all other HFM ATF’s

​Enhances DEXRON® VI® ATF to perform like Audi®, BMW®, Jaguar®, Mercedes Benz® & Volkswagen®  ATF’s.


For Use With All ATF's* Synthetic Protectant & Modifier

*(Except Dual Clutch (DCT), CVT, & Ford® Type F®applications.)

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