transmission cooler flush
  • Prevents Contamination of new or rebuilt unit
  • Removes metal shavings, clutch material, sludge, grime and more
  • ​Prevents Costly Comebacks
  • Ideal for installers & ship out transmissions
  • Cleans / Degreases / Protects
  • Formulated to not degrade new ATF or harm seals
  • Easy to use Aerosol can
  • Ensures proper cooler & line flow
  • Does not contain CFC’s
  • Original category inventor

transmission cooler flush

Universal Tip available


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Use to Flush Automatic Transmission Cooler & Lines

BRAND ONE Transmission Cooler and Line Flush safely cleans out harmful contaminants (metal shavings and sludge) from the transmission cooler and lines preventing the contaminants from entering a newly installed transmission. Don’t let old contaminants ruin your new transmission, use BRAND ONE on every transmission installation.

Part # 2100​1